BitcoinGo the next generation cryptocurrency

We would like to present the next generation cryptocurrency BitcoinGo, is a powerful digital marketplace with a built-in decentralized currency where people can list tasks, jobs and any wish they need while taking advantage of its powerful GPS location finder.

Can you imagine an online platform in which you can order any wish inside your location range with people you may know and using the most advanced and secure form of money?

Complete interesting achievements, travel and meet new people while at the same time your money is fully secure Innovative, Simple and Easy With BitcoinGo you match your needs in the most fast and fun way you could ever seen. You can sell, buy, rent an item or service without leaving your home with BitcoinGo.


The available main categories to list any task are the following ones:

Nearby Jobs and Tasks
Looking to list or search for an offer nearby? This category is the perfect one when you want to make a deal with people inside your location area.
Deliver a Gift
Do you want to make a gift to someone, a product or any wish directly to your friends and loved ones? This category will let you choose a product or task and send it directly to your friend’s home using the location pointer.
Buy and Sell
Looking to make online and met-in-person trades? This option lets you buy and sell any product with the benefits BitcoinGo offers as GPS location pointer, profile trustfulness and automatic escrow.
Job Offers
If you look for a formal job this section is the right one, you can arrange in-person meetings or make a digital contract to start the new job relation.


Are you in urgent need of help? This section allows you to publish your need and let others users to help you. In the other side, whether if you want to help your neighbor, friend or you’re just feeling grateful to improve the life of someone; this is your section. Donators will receive special points to their profile.


Classes and Auditions
This is the place to order and offer any type of online classes, in-person classes, auditions for a project, or any other task that requires several classes in a period of time.

ICO date

Following ICO date

If a new user joins the platform, he is given to choose whether if he wants an anonymous account or a customized and trustable profile listing his personal details, feedback from last trades and total reputation.

BitcoinGo is focus on bringing an easy interface to attract a big range of people no matter what their technical knowledge is, BitcoinGo should be an APP any family member can use and understand easily.

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