EXSCUDO Solution Payment Cryptocurrency Innovative: ICO success reach $ 3,6 million

EXSCUDO Solution Payment Cryptocurrency Innovative: ICO success reach $ 3,6 million

The current Cryptocurrency trade trends have captured the hearts of many investors from the lower classes to the upper classes, the high enthusiasm of the world community is developing into new directions in trading currencies that no longer use physical money but using digital currencies (cryptocurrency).

We see Cryptocurrency has a bright future as a currency, a new way to profit. Therefore the value of each cryptocurrency is always changing and not always the same. That means that buying cryptocurrency is a market price speculation, not an investment unless you plan to spend it, or hoard it.

The Problem

The desire to provide financial solutions to the community sometimes bumps into one major problem namely the means of payment system.

We know, in the online financial system, many payments are based on the traditional currency bank system. The main problem of online bank systems is often becoming insecure, high risk vulnerable to data loss and there is no freedom for us to receive money quickly anywhere. As a user it is a obstacles that should not be faced.

The goal of the EXSCUDO team is to create a new payment gateway platform between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market. Making access to universal, fast, legal, and secure currency to the cryptocurrency market for everyone who has access to the Internet and credit cards. Providing solution a specific payment system rule out weakness of other banking systems.


Problem Solution

Escudo offers a wide range of innovative tools products and services for all categories of users. All of these products are connected to a shared the financial ecosystem.

This allows users with different levels to work together easily.

  1. Exchange Platform

Exscudo platform trading architecture built to provide full trading and exchange capabilities with advanced instruments and the possibility to exchange anything. The popular currency pair is aimed at beginners and professional traders, financial institutions and investors institutional.
• Fully compliant (complete compliance to the requirements of financial institutions).
• Serious security.
• Ultimate trading experience.

  1. Charts

    To view all transactions for merchants, our servers provide and collect trade data not only from Exscudo exchanges, but also provide lists from the other cyptocurrency exchanges. All data for trading on cryptocurrency market is located in one place and takes place in real time.

  2. Trading terminals

The trading terminal Cross Platform (Web, Mobile (iOS, Android), Desktop (Linux, MacOS, Windows) supports a variety of tools for professionals designed only for use in trading center exchanges, analytical possibilities, handling various types of order, online-listing and Interactive charts, trade signals allow users to choose complicated strategies.

  1. Wallet

Wallet multicurrency purely decentralized allows users to manage crypto accounts, buy, exchange and send currency to friends safely and quickly anywhere. helping with internal transfers between accounts with instant conversions on exchange at the market level and makes payments goods and services with cryptocurrency via NFC on mobile clients (PayWave).


  1. Debit Cards

Debit Card connected to a user account for currency exchange options in real time . Those cards are accepted worldwide for online purchases in stores and mortars for a minimum fee. Only need to deposit cash currency or cryptocurrency in your account and card is ready to use.

  1. Merchant Tools

Our merchant is a ready solution for the acceptance of crypto currencies for goods and services. It was developed specially for e-commerce businesses and internet services.

This is a solution for business entities who wants to accept payment cryptocurrency  and not directly. Cryptocurrency received from customers can be automatically converted into fiat currency and transferred to the bank account of the company. This is method fastest payment, safest and cheapest for clients and has the ability to generate sales reports.


  • Developed proprietary blockchain-platform
  • Developed basic market core
  • Developed listings server and basis for the trading exchange functions
  • Developed functional multi currency wallet on the basis of the proprietary blockchain-platform


  • Renewed core of the exchange, expanded functions
  • Completion of the development of the blockchain-platform with the support of user groups and multiple subscriptions
  • Development of functional decentralized secure messenger
  • Expansion functions of the exchange functions and the development of the listing server


  • Expansion of exchange functions
  • Expansion of the listings function of the exchange
  • Expansion of trading functions of the exchange
  • Redesign architecture of the EON blockchain technology, expansion of the blockchain functions


  • Launch of the chatwallet app (decentralized secure messenger and multi currency wallet) (Q2 2017)
  • Open beta testing of the exchange (Q2 2017)
  • Launch of exchange services (listings server, web-services of multi currency wallet) (Q2/Q3 2017)
  • Launch of trading on the exchange (Q2/Q3 2017)
  • Launch of the mobile phone trading terminal for Android (Q2/Q3 2017)
  • Launch of the mobile phone trading terminal for iOS (Q2/Q3 2017)
  • Launch of accounts with the integration of fiat currencies and launch of branded cards (Q2 2017)


  • Launch of full trading terminal with expanded functions (Android, iOS, Desktop) (Q1/Q2 2018)
  • Launch of merchant-platform  (Q1/Q2 2018)

Exscudo is powered by the EON blockchain

Using EXSCUDO token is called EON as tools primary payment in the system, EON It uses smart transactions algorithm that is similar to but not equal to the smart contracts mechanism of the Ethereum network. EON is a decentralized blockchain based platform that provides the infrastructure for the Exscudo service created to accomplish specific tasks.


ICO investments

Many investors believe EXSCUDO is linking traditional finance and cryptocurrency market for the future, so that many investors choose to invest in this platform. Currently in its funding ICO EXSCUDO successfully earned $ 3,6 milion! and will continue to grow rapidly on this last remaining days. How do you decide not to do it? Now is the best opportunity to take part that we offer.


More than 10,000 of our investors have taken advantage of this promo. It’s Simple:
1. Take part in our ICO ( https://exscudo.com/ico/ )
2. Just invest in our project and get the perk of trading this amount of money daily with ZERO commission on the exscudo exchange forever!

Zero commission volumes are granted to your Exscudo account for a lifetime. The amount is counted in BTC.

Become a real market maker of the Exscudo Exchange! 0% offer is limited in time and available only during the Exscudo ICO.
Participate & Information ICO  :
Join ICO : https://exscudo.com/ico
Read Whitepaper : https://exscudo.com/Whitepaper_v1.0.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ex_scudo
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/exscudo

Team and Advisors
Andrew Zimine. CEO, Founder
Alex Sitnikov. CTO, Founder
Alex Rebyakov. Lead Core Developer
Julian Kossinov, M.Sc. European and North American markets Advisor
Christian Kossinov, M.Sc. Financial Strategy Advisor, European and Asian markets Advisor


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