– Earn Revenue From Every Game What You Will Play! – Earn Revenue From Every Game What You Will Play!

One of the most potential businesses in gaming industry today is the eSport competition. Turning gamers into a profession by winning tournaments earn a lot of money, encouraging players to play their favorite games.

Based on Newzoo data released earlier this year, total eSport revenue rose globally to reach $ 493 million. The fact is that the increased comes from various aspects, Such as media licenses, watch tickets, online advertising, merchandising sales, brand cooperation, and additional investment from game publishers. eSports revenue is predicted to reach US $ 1.1 billion by 2019.

This market is growing rapidly because there are several reasons for interest some audiences eSport viewers also want to compete so that more users play video games than ever before, the average eSport fans compete in four live tournaments every six months. They want to be capable to compete online through trusted carriers. It’s just the lack of experienced developers to support users.

The progress of the eSport industry is supported by an increasing number of games, many gaming options and eSport platform will automatically increase the number of players and revenue. Game developers and publishers should be able to take the initiative to create an adequate ecosystem accompanied by the right business model, so that users will be more interested but the biggest problem in online game is cheating and payment systems in online game much relying on credit cards vulnerable to data loss so this often becomes insecure, due to lack of supervision as the main supporting factor of online game itself to reduce from that risk, therefore it requires an intelligent platform that allows supervision to include between individual players and teams.  


Security System Based On Artificial Intelligence plans to launch a platform that includes both individual players and teams competing in eSport games such as DOTA2, League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty that enables supervision by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) developed in the platform for Making secure access from cheating (anti cheat) by software KYC , most platforms are managed on-site servers but are not dependent on client operation.

Artificial intelligence developed to determine whether players use cheat or skill levels better by analyzing the results of each game and based on the outcome of the game the player can accept those results.

  • Client based app filtering
  • AI based match filtering
  • KYC based user filtering

Decentralized Financial System offers a new financial decentralization system solution for everyone eSport players, based on smart contracts through blockchain Ethereum has the potential to address the concerns about access, the security of financial transactions between players, manage the implementation which can not be manipulated externally, therefore program that runs in accordance with the automated program is coded.

Platform Potential For Players

Users will be more compelled to play competitively and anyone can receive a GGS token by claiming their award referral or users can fund an account with ethereum address.

The tokens issued by can be used in the following main areas:

  • playing in matches and win further tokens
  • ranking rewards
  • vetoing debated match results
  • organizing private tournaments
  • betting events (later)
  • Coinflip, jackpot(inventory elements) (later)
  • selling / buying inventory elements (later)
  • referral rewards


The initial distribution of tokens will be in pre-sale form. Anyone will be able to earn GGS at a promising discount rate of token sales. People who have other crypto such as ETC, BTC, or XRP Can get GGS through conversion service a third-party that will be available on the pre-sale page. crowdsale token is scheduled for June 20 s.d July 20, 2017 lasts for four weeks (31 days).

In the first hour of crowdsale sales will become a Power Hour. You can get a 750 GGS token equal to 1 ETH. Each week the rate will drop to 650 GGS per 1 ETH, periodically up to 500 GGS per 1 ETH.

Overall this platform has the potential to maintain steady growth by integrating the game further, while in its development stage makes it possible to integrate new functions, based on Platform user statistics, the team also plans to embed the betting module, which will increase the profitability of the platform thus The higher the potential new players participate in the eSport game.

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