Matchpool The First Crypto Dating platform

Matchpool The First Crypto Dating platform

Matchpool is a decentralized dating and matchmaking protocol which uses group dynamics to help as many participants as possible to find love. It can also be used as a more generic platform for any kind of paid membership community which can clearly define two sides of an interaction or market. This paper presents the elements of the platform: the Ethereum smart contracts which handle the trust-sensitive ownership and reward structures, as well as the core game logic which makes it work. Finally we lay out a two year roadmap for launching and scaling the network, including a detailed specification of the Guppy token (GUP), which will play an integral role in its development.

This uniqe platform for making human connections with Ethereum smart contracts by using Matchlock feature, which keeps a 50:50 ratio between X and Y, every Pool in the platform remains attractive. If a certain number of X users enters the pool, then the matchlock will stop more X from entering until the same number of Y’s arrive. These Matchlock rules can also be parameterized to any use case where any arbitrary market polarity is required. Also there is no restriction for the X and Y side of the matchlock to be opposites in order to serve any community whatsoever. It is up to the Pool’s founder to configure the matchlock parameters according to the kind of community they wish to create.

The matchlock allows the host to configure the demographic details of two sides of the interaction- X and Y. When starting a pool, the host is able to configure the matchlock with the required factors for each side of the interaction, including gender, age-range, education level, ethnicity, religion and geographical proximity. This can be as broad and detailed or generic. When a certain number of type X enters, the pool becomes unavailable to users of type X until the same number of type Y enters.


To make the world more synchronistic and connected within communities by creating a fair, incentivised based community platform that will enable anyone to open their own community inside the network. An internal reward mechanism will help facilitate connections in a positive way.


The Matchpool ICO will commence on late March 2017, The ICO “starts” exactly 1 day after the contract itself it launched The duration of the crowdfund is 28 days in unix time.



The first hour of the crowdsale will be a Power Hour. During the Power Hour, 1 Ether will buy 130 GUP. After that, the price will change to 120:1 and will stay there for 3 days, and then decrease to 110:1  and after 2 weeks it will be 100:1



The crowdsale will be capped at 420K eth. As soon as this amount is reached, the smart contract will stop accepting new buy-ins. At the end of the four week period, token transfers will be locked for 1 month.

In total, 60 million tokens will be sold during the crowdsale. The total amount that will exist at the beginning will be 80 million.
Time Exchange rate

  1. First hour 130 GUP for 1 ETH
  2. First 3 days 120 GUP for 1 ETH
  3. First 2 weeks 110 GUP for 1 ETH
  4. Last 2 weeks 100 GUP for 1 ETH

Investors will be able to withdraw their investment but only at the defined steps. For example, if an investor bought 110 GUP for 1 ETH during Power Hour, if they try to withdraw after Week they will get back the Ether equivalent of 80 GUP.


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