Patientory : Safe Revolution Of Health Services Blockchain Technology

Patientory : Safe Revolution Of Health Services Blockchain Technology

Health is one of the industries that produce terabytes of data every day. Hospitals and healthcare providers invest hundreds of millions each year to manage patient information and other data. On the other hand there is a disconnect between one health care provider to another. When a patient decides to switch his health care provider for some reason, the patient’s medical records must migrate manually from a previous hospital / health center or the patient will be forced to undergo a number of diagnostic tests to evaluate his or her medical condition.

Most Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are currently managed in place on servers physically or in the cloud by health care providers, and access is limited only to their hospital network. Centralized health data makes it more vulnerable to security breaches where hackers can easily break into the system and gain unauthorized access to each patient’s medical history and information. If this data is in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous. Even from the patient’s point of view, they do not have complete access to their own medical data stored in their hospital database.

Although advantage of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management have been applied to improve the quality of service provided to patients but require very high costs to manage and maintain systems that have been implemented, many hospitals are neglecting to implement those service.

Blockchain technology, lifeline of the Bitcoin network has the potential to overcome address concerns about access, security, scalability and privacy of such Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Need for a platform to decentralize health data is not too far conceptual, patient data is stored on blockchain to create multisig address records of each patient. Patients can provide API keys and multisig addresses to log in to their data. Furthermore, every health care provider using this records can maintain patient information which are given through signature universal.

Using the same multisig principle used by the Bitcoin wallet, the user can choose the health care provider of his choice by using signatures to the hospital which is aim. In this way, Patients will have full access to their own data and they can choose which healthcare provider they want. This will also save you from hospital costs associated with arrangement and management electronic patient records.

Patientory offer solutions blockchain decentralization of electronic medical record data storage. The main goal is actually to encourage healthcare management systems safely and helps healthcare organizations to save or transmit data through smart contract cybersecurity blockchain, on the other hand it aims to improve service quality and energy efficiency as well as reduce the high costs of healthcare providers.

Why should Patientory?

Patientory allows users to manage different privacy on medical records, control most health both inside and outside the hospital, co-patient coordinated with doctors and other health providers to get better health outcomes. Only using mobile applications users can create data his personal profile which then the information is stored on the blockchain platform, connected other health care providers and patients with similar conditions, technology of this system is ensured the information remains safe but in accordance with HIPPA.



Team Experience

Management team has over 40 years of experience combining, building and developing health technology companies. They have received internationally published health care research and developed a platform for digital healthcare companies supported VC as well as Fintech blockchain company. The team received national and global market validation and was recently named Top 11 company Disrupting Healthcare in 2017.

Token & Crowdsale

Patientory Platform uses a token called PTY, with a token PTY user can use the network of rent out storage space and as means of payment in platform.
Patientory crowdsale token scheduled for 31st of May to 28th June 2017 takes place within four weeks (29 days).

  • Total Maximum Supply: 100.000.000 PTY
  • Target crowdsale sold: 70.000.000 PTY
  • Minimum Crowd Target: 2.295.000 PTY
  • PTY per Ether: 385 PTY / ETH
  • get 20% bonus (10 days First), 10% bonus (next 10 days) & 0% bonus afterwards

Participate & ICO Information:
Official Website:



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