SPECTIV virtual reality streaming on Blockchain Network

SPECTIV virtual reality streaming on Blockchain Network

Virtual Reality (VR) gear has been quite popular since last year and more and more popular users now includes more function and usefulness in field of life. Virtual reality (VR) will continue to be developed not just playing games or watching movies but more than that, to provide a unique experiences where the imagination becomes real, enjoying virtual contents instantly like sports events, concerts without having to leave home. It’s undeniable that this is an opportunity for creators, therefore, through this video sharing platform the creators race to get as many viewers as possible in the hope of bringing in advertisers. Most recently, Spectiv decided to create its own VR advertising service.

Spectiv is an exchange platform, sharing experiences Virtual Reality (VR) the real pure decentralized. Content users motivated to contribute to creating their own content and share it with others around the world from Virtual Reality (VR), general users can stream to get the same entertainment,Many others who want to go have fun outdoors tour real-time, but can’t be directly difficult to do it, As a destination entertainment Virtual Reality (VR) this is the idea underlying spectiv for its VR content that looks most popular community because with this technology users can fully enter virtual reality environment is cinematic, the real elements surround it , Now we can feel sensation of vacation to various parts of the world feel original experience that is really deep to see.

Spectiv initially focused for facilitating independent VR creators who have adopted the VR recording system, they are also the first publishers to publish content on Spectiv. With the content they share directly gets the attention of other users, as a positive feedback other users can give tips on content they like on ultimately getting more attention.

This content may range from production to community-based professionally donated to users of this content includes :

  • Community-Driven VR Content– Spectiv allows users to stream personal experience with their own VR equipment, This content is professionally produced is uploaded and recorded inadvertently such a day-trips or journalism.
  • Commercial VR Events Content – live broadcast VR for popular events like Sports, Concerts, And much more creating sensation fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of VR, allows for partnering with hosting organizations.
  • Spectiv Original VR Content – Most of Spectiv original experiences Involving the company / organization in creating its VR project most cutting-edge and innovative, Wants to produce original spectacle qualified, such as journalism, documentaries, tours real-time to attract tourists.

Spectiv is not only helping VR creators to monetize work but also for users and contributors, in return for advertising engagement through smart contract campaign decentralized.

Spectiv will be driven by two token ecosystems for receipts and payments, both serving their respective purposes with “Specs” operating as an internal platform currency and “Sigs” operating as an ERC20 token decentralized  built on ETH blockchain.



As a purpose of the internal currency Spec tokens will be used to facilitate exclusive functions within the Spectiv platform, including advertising awards, tips, and premium content purchases. This token is limited for use in platforms, can not be transferred out can only be obtained through advertising awards or direct purchases on platform. This means that advertisers allows paying for every ads served in virtual reality (VR), through smart contracts Spectiv offers Specs to every part of the virtual reality community such as users, content contributors and content curators.


Signal token (Sigs) is a decentralized token that will be used to generate unique signals to Virtual Reality (VR) content and get paid ads based on sigs traffic. Advertisers fully appreciate every part of the community, at this level creator content must play his role, Understand what it takes to create content look appealing to the current market. because, the greater quality of their content more and more attention the virtual reality users (payer). In other words, the greater the attention to its VR content, advertisers are often willing to pay lets rely on content curators effectively turning their attention to content that is hinted, to organizing and filtering content actively for their respective networks. Establish a balanced system involving content curators in the online attention exchange : Signal Generators.

Eventually the signal generators will regain Sig managed to attract enthusiasts views his VR content, creating powerful incentives to share content virtual reality and ultimately accelerate the adoption of virtual reality. Sigs will be sold through crowdsale creation through the Ethereum Smart Contract. This is how Sigs’s total supply will be determined depending on how many sales during the creations crowdsale period of tokens.


Spectiv crowdsale tokens will be scheduled on August 14th to 04th September 2017 takes place within three weeks (21 days). If maximum target is successfully increased then crowdsale ends.

  • New Signal Tokens Raise Cap: 130.000 /Eth or $40 Milion USD
  • New Signal Tokens Raise Min: $2.000.000 USD
  • Signal Tokens Price: $0.50 / Sig

Will have a chance to earn Sig with prices and discounts based on time of participation in Crowdsale. The different bonus opportunities are spread across 4 levels:

Level 1 : $0-2.000.000 Raised (40% Bonus)
Level 2 : $2.000.000-$10.000.000 Raised (25% Bonus)
Level 3 : $10.000.000-$25.000.000 Raised (10% Bunus)
Level 4 : $25.000.000-$40.000.000 Raised (0% Bonus)

Overall we can say that Spectiv VR is really for everyone’s benefit as they provide opportunities not just for them, for advertisers but with users, content contributors and curators.


Dylan Senter, CEO & Co-founder
Nick Ravanbakhsh, Co-founder & COO
Chris Pena, Chief of Technology & Development
Ramon Hernandez , UI Developer
Bryn Bellomy, Ethereum Developer
Jasmine Nguyen, UX Developer
Justin Wood, Software Architect
Mirza Baig, Business Strategy



More Info About Spectiv :

Official Website : https://www.spectivvr.com

Twitter : https://twitter.com/spectivvr

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/spectivvr

Slack : https://slackpass.io/spectivvr

Announcements: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1975254.0



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